Welcome back


It took a very long time, but finally all technical, organisational and procrastinational problems are solved and The Pseudotron can go back online. There are a number of changes, though:

  • The Pseudotron is now powered by Pelican, a static blog compiler. When Wordpress decided to stop working (which lead to the long pause) I realized that I do not understand very much about all these dynamic web things and databases and stuff. So I decided to change to something that I can grasp, static webpages and python. I feel much saver now. Plus I can use Version control and can write the posts in vim. And it should be lightning fast.
  • However, this makes commenting a bit less dynamic than one would wish. I do not want to use a service like Disqus <http://disqus.com/>. What I imagine at the moment (but have not yet implemented), is to use email. There will be a email address and a suitable mailto link for each post, so that everybody can use his favourite email client to send mails to this address, and the subject line identifies the post commented on. I will use an off-the-shelf spam filter to deal with the spam comments and a script will turn the comments into something that is understood by pelican and gets included at the next recompilation. I will try to implement this system as soon as possible, that should not be too difficult.
  • The official language in this blogging facility will be english from now on. This decision was made, when I realized that used english words when whipping up the template. Pelican does support translation, but I guess I am too lazy to translate everything.

Other things I want to continue:

  • This will be a blog about physics, mathematics, computer science, programming and similar stuff that I enjoy doing.
  • Primarily I blog because I enjoy writing and it helps finishing projects. But maybe some people read what I write and enjoy it a little bit. All readers are cordially invited to participate in any form (probably primarily using the future commenting feature)
  • This will be a place where strange science happens

I have quite a few things I can blog about, and I hope that this new setup does work well enough to not prevent it.

Now you have to imagine me with a giant pair of golden scissors cutting through a red ribbon in front of a giant blogging facility. Thundering applause and brightly flashing cameras. A low-pitched, mighty humming develops and signals that the Pseudotron is up and running again.