What is The Pseudotron

The Pseudotron is a big interdisciplinary blogging facility with a focus on physics, mathematics, computers, computer science, programming and other stuff.

Primarily I blog because I enjoy writing and it helps me finishing projects. But maybe some people read what I write and enjoy it.

Why is it called The Pseudotron

In physics particle accelerators usually have names ending on -tron (However, the latest and greatest of its kind, the LHC ends on "-ollider"). Particle accelerators tend to be big, complicated and very expensive and the results they produce are very interesting for a very few people. Also the Internet as we know it is an offspring of particle physics, as it was developed at CERN.

I think of the pseudotron as a thing that produces texts that are sometimes very complicated and probably also only interesting for very few people. The prefix pseudo is added to indicate that it is not in fact a particle accelerator and that the results may not be relevant at all.