Layout survey

The new Pseudotron layout looks very different compared to the old one. It no longer sports a header image, as I was not able to find a satisfactory one. The layout is extremely reduced, and relies almost entirely on typography to structre the content. I chose a slightly grey background as I find this more comfortable to read.

The font is Titillium, which I found on FontSquirrel ( I like it very much for the headlines and structure, but I think I will look for a different text font. There are two different types of text, structure/links and text. All headlines and structural texts are hyperlinked. This leads in some cases to trivial links, i.e. links that link to the current page, but I liked the idea of unifying links and structure. Not linking these trivial cases felt very awkward.

There are three ordering concepts: date, tag, category. The overview for the date ordering is the archive, there the order is completely linear. The other two concepts are very similar, and I do not yet know, how useful they are. The category is intended as a rough classification into few general areas. The tag is a bit fuzzy, and more than one can be used for one post. For each of these concepts there is an overview page. The date overview is the archive, where the linear ordering is reflected directly. The category overview gives some more information about the number of posts in each category and the timespan that they cover. The tag overview is a tag cloud and is fuzzy and allows a visual view on the posts.

Each post has a short summary that is displayed together with the title. If a text is easily summarized, it is usually well structured. This is a good check for me to see if a post is well written.

The general structure for the layout is shown in the attachment. I like the curvature that is created by the left-aligned title and the content block with the margin on the left side.

I started with an old draft for a blog and from there on it just happened. It took me one evening to get it into this state. I know the layout still has some rough edges and I have a TODO list with several points on it, but I wanted to get something out there. Usually if I start to become very subjective when I work on something for a while. On the next day it does not look as good as it did late at night after hours of intensive work. So how do you like the general idea? To depressing? Maybe a different second color? What about the font?