A bit of work on Handkerchief

One of the great things about Open Source is that it is a very long-term source of positive feedback.

I didn't work much on my Open Source projects for about a year now, but still, from time to time someone discovers the code, finds it useful and sends a bug report, a feature request, a pull request or just a "thank you" note. I find this very rewarding.

Yesterday and today I took the time to work again on handkerchief, prompted by such a reaction. I added some command line switches, rewrote the layout loading code to be better and packaged the whole thing and put it on pypi. This makes it much easier to install, pip install handkerchief should do the trick. No .bash_profile hacks or PATH tricks necessary anymore.

It is reassuring that I have the feeling that I have grown as a python programmer in the last year. Or maybe it should make me nervous that I wrote pretty ugly code back then. No, reassuring it is.